Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a popular tourists’ attraction that is located adjacent to the scenic Lake Gardens. The aviary is a home for more than 3000 birds where you can see the bird’s performances and also enjoy the feeding session for eagles, pelicans, ostriches and hornbills. The park is divided into several sections like Flamingo Pond, the world of Parrots & pigeon species and kites. Different species of unique and brilliant oriental birds gives visitors a chance to know more about the Birdlife and mingle with them. The park is the largest free flight walk-in Aviary which is a tropical paradise that can’t be missed in life. A wonder world of birds which attracts millions of visitors every year. The park has earned reputation with an abundance of flora and fauna with the study of birds in their natural habitats. The most beautiful public aviary in Kuala Lumpur is a family-friendly attraction with hornbill, chase peacocks & ostrich which are owed by storks and flamingos in surrounding areas. The bird Park was opened in 1991 where you can find different varieties of world’s largest species.

Major attractions of the park are Flamingo pond, World of parrot, Oriental bird’s aviary, hornbill area and Brahminy Land that takes you to observe the feeding session of the birds. Hornbill has photogenic features where you can also enjoy photography in this area. The world of parrot is specially designed to accommodate macaws, parakeets and cockatoos. Oriental birds’ aviary holds a collection of over 50 different species of unique birds. Brahminy Land is one of the most popular collections with a bird of prey. The park is located at the top of the hill that gives spectacular views of the flight of the birds from the terrace. Visitors are advised not to threaten or frighten birds. At this park, birds are able to breed naturally at this national park as there are also Lake Garden with children’s playground, exercising station, rowing boats and jogging track. Visitors can enjoy the strolling at the park along the maze of the waterways with National Monument, Butterfly House, Orchid Garden and the Parliament House. Lovers of nature and Birds can have their beautiful time in watching colourful sights and sounds of the birds.


  • Watch local and exotic species of birds
  • Flamingos, Hornbill, Parrots, Cockatoos, Storks Pigeons, Macaws & Ducks
  • Come across the gardens, pools, water cascades, bridges and plants
  • Visit world of parrots, orchid garden & oriental bird aviary
  • Spectacular views of Hornbill flying
  • Watch the indigenous and exotic bird species
  • Waterfall aviary, Amphitheatre and Seminar room
  • A chance to feed the fish in the pond
  • Savour the delicious food and drinks
  • Visit Hornbill Souvenirs shop, cafe, restaurant


  • Opening Hour – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Differs as per the age of the visitor


  • Swimming suit is compulsory for Sunway Lagoon's Waterpark and Surf Beach
  • Visitors can’t take food or drinks from outside

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