Kuala Lumpur Tower

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Kuala Lumpur Tower is the most recognisable and popular Iconic landmark that offers scenic views of the city. The tower is located high above the sea level, presents the marvellous views of the sparkling city centre. Its architectural design represents the Journey to the Malaysia’s vibrant Islamic heritage which is known as the high telecommunication and broadcasting tower. The tower consists a 360° star restaurant and an observation deck which gives bird’s eye views to the visitors. It takes more than 1 hour to complete the round and gives a really pleasant experience with a glass of wine, soft music and delicious cuisines. Start your meal with appetisers then main course section and finish your meal with the taste of dessert. The tower is one of the top-notch destinations in Kuala Lumpur that provides spectacular views of the city and also enhance the clarity of broadcasting and telecommunication services. Divided into 5 major sections including the foundation base, touristic building, tower shaft, antenna mast crowns and public observation platform. Explore the foundation house, administration office, souvenir shop and long pedestrian mall.

World’s freestanding tall tower is used for communication purpose that features of an antenna. It is the highest view point in Kuala Lumpur with 3 basement floors at the foundation house that are based on storage, maintenance work & safety purpose. The touristic building consists administration office, souvenir shop and long pedestrian mall. The tower shaft comprises with 4 elevators and flight of stairs. Tables at the restaurant are arranged at the edge of the ceiling windows that takes you to sit beside the buffet counter, a great piano at the front entrance. The tower claims to be the home of the world’s highest McDonald’s in the world which reflects the country’s Islamic heritage, Islamic tiles and soothing colour combination. Explore the shops, restaurants and mini theatre at the upper ground level. A popular place with intimate table arrangements, sky high views and curving walls gives you a really pleasant experience.


  • Savour delicious cuisines at the revolving restaurant
  • See the spectacular scenery while having meal
  • Different floors include souvenir shop, admin office and pedestrian mall
  • Visit mini theatre, shops and restaurant
  • Exhibits more over 5000 local and exotic marine creature
  • Enjoy soft music, drinks and meal
  • A piano at the main entrance
  • Highest revolving tower with public observation platform


  • Opening hours: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Daily)
  • Ticket price: As per the age of the visitors

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