Singapore Kusu Island

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One of the Southern Islands in Singapore that is famous for its Malay Shrine, was earlier known as the Peak Island. It is said that a magical tortoise has been transformed into an Island to save the shipwrecked sailors. Then the sailors become alive to say thanks to the giant turtle. Major attraction for the kids on the Island is a tortoise sanctuary. This Island is a blessing for the childless couples. There is also a Chinese temple which is regarded as the power to confer prosperity, cure disease & calm anger. It is dedicated for good health, good wealth and harmony. The Island was built by a wealthy business man that is considered with mythical power “giver of child”. The Island is popular place for picnics to enjoy with family and friends. Kusu means Turtle in Chinese, the famous Island that all the story revolves around the giant turtle. The climbers have to step over 152 steps to devote their pray for a child. The whole story about the Island revolves around the giant tortoise and its transformation into an Island. The Island is built in the lap of the nature with its swimming lagoon and pristine beaches where visitors come to enjoy snorkeling and visit Turtle Sanctuary.


  • Chinese temple to pray
  • It’s a blessing for childless couples
  • Lagoon and turtle sanctuary
  • History of giant tortoise

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