Langkawi Sky Bridge

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Langkawi Sky Bridge is a most popular attraction, located at the ‘end’ of the Cable Car ride which gives stunning views. Cable Car ride takes visitors from the top station to the bridge with the help of sky gliding and cable car. The journey to the bridge starts from the oriental village by a cable car, feel the cool breeze blowing through the ventilation slit. The place takes you to enjoy the views from the summit of the second highest peak that includes waterfalls and rainforest. Set of narrow stairs that cut through the forest leads to the observatory deck, the highest point of sky and sea views. The bridge also provides plenty of photographic opportunities to the visitors to enjoy with family or friends. It gives such an amazing experience to the visitors at the sky bridge which is joined by two triangular platforms. Designed with the steel wires the bridge is located around 686 m high above the sea level which gives you panoramic views of the mountains, valleys and the Andaman Sea. The bridge gives you exhilarating views of the mountain range and the sea below.

The bridge is 125 metre long which is considered as the longest pedestrian bridge which is considered as one of the amazing marvel of the world. Steel bridge that extends out from neighbouring mountain which is unforgettable. A helicopter to the peak of the mountain that resembles a charming French village and old style Chinese town with small ponds and quaint bridges. Corrects distribution at difficult terrain where entire bridge is lifted by many stalls souvenirs, snacks and drinks. The spacious sky-bridge has the capacity to accommodate around 200 persons at a single time. Steel railing of the bridge was enclosed with wired mesh which takes you to see narrow stairs that cut through the forest.


  • Langkawi Sky Bridge’s amazing design and layout
  • Designed in a curved walkway to maximise viewing experience
  • Both side wide triangular platforms
  • Amazing views of the valley and the surrounding areas
  • Drive through oriental village by a cable car ride
  • Sky glide links station and sky bridge


  • Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily

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