Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise

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Langkawi wildlife Park and Bird Paradise is a home for over 2500 exotic birds from 150 species that resembles different species of birdlife such as owls, eagles, Toucans, hornbills and flamingo. A fully covered wild life park in Asia is an indoor park and a popular spot has created an ambience of the tropical rain forest. The enormous park covers an area of 5.5 acres of land which is currently known as Bird Paradise with feature aviaries for different species of birds with many mammals, reptile and other exhibits. A fully covered wildlife park is the first such park which has roofed and covered waterways which offers opportunities of close interactions with birds and animals. Walk in Aviary is the major attraction of the park where you will be amazed by the small colourful birds which are free to flying around. A manmade waterfall is next to the aviary which is like fine crafted crystals and jewellery. A chance to see ostrich which can snap away your food from your fingers. Bird feeding section at the wildlife park where first section is followed by Flamingos. Enjoy the Macaws love to feed on sunflower seeds and peanuts while Flamingos like fish pellets.

The park provides protection to the rare found, funny and amazing creatures which has created an ambiance of tropical rainforest. The park which takes you to see the exotic species which are not difficult to maintain. A stall near the main entrance from where you can purchase food to feed animals and birds. The section resembles natural habitats with different species of wildlife which is a paradise. The indoor park is the popular spot on rainy days. A cool souvenir store is also at the park with a back of gallery house that display rare crafted and crystal ornaments. At a specific time see the Animal Talk show, Bird feeding that depends on your interest. While passing by the crocodile section, a chance to see the ducks playing around. Enjoy the photographic opportunities with your family or friends with amazing shopping experience at Batik shop, wax, Art, handicrafts and crystal gallery.


  • Enjoy Macaw Feeding, waterfalls
  • See Beer Cat, eagles, hornbills and flamingo
  • Feeding & Fun Times at the Wildlife Park
  • Animal Talk Show, Feeding time for Birds
  • Crocodile Feeding
  • Restaurants, shopping outlets and crystal gallery
  • See different exotic birds species


  • Opening Hours: - 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Daily)

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