Manukan Island

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Manukan Island is one of the largest Islands situated amongst tropical greenery that offers unparalleled water sports activities, hotel accommodation & delicious cuisines at one of the pristine corner of the world. A wonderful destination that takes you to experience the natural surroundings of the Island. It also features an outdoor pool, restaurants and villas for offering wide range of activities such as diving, snorkelling and trekking. Glass boats help visitors to view marine life near sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear water - a perfect place for swimming.

A huge theme Park is a perfect destination for family and kids that presents gorgeous views of the valley. The highland has amusement parks, shopping centres, food outlets, entertainment area and also fitness centre. It also consists bars, pubs and lounge for the best dining, drink and accommodation facilities. It is set close to the nature with surrounding rainforest and many activities performed here provides a tranquil and relaxing stay to the visitors.


Adventure : Adventurous and water sports activities are hosted for the visitors.

White sandy beach : It has long beach with crystal clear and tranquil sea that offers suitable opportunities for non-swimmers. Families feel safe to let their kids playing in the water as the water at the sea is calm. Tourists sunbathing on the beach.

Developed Facilities :At the Island all facilities that are necessary to satisfy the requirements of the visitors such as hotel accommodation, fine dining and also spa centres. There is also a place to leisure and enjoy at beach after swimming.

Best Snorkelling Spot :Manukan Island is today ranked as a fantastic destination for snorkelling for providing lots of enjoyment.


  • Lots of fun with water sports activities
  • Enjoy the adventurous rides
  • Leisure at sandy beach
  • Activities for the kids
  • Best resort for accommodation, fine dining and drinking


  • Ticket varies as per the age and activities.

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