Singapore Marina Bay Sands Skypark

General info

Sky Park is the fusion of man-made creations & natural beauties to enjoy the panoramic views from one of the most iconic swimming pool on the height of 57th storey. The park is designed in the heart of Marina Bay to enhance the beauty & excitement of the park to make it a perfect holiday destination for the visitors. The sky park is a boat like structure that is higher than the Eiffel Tower of Paris. From there one can enjoy the luxury, architectural wonders and vibrant colours of garden by the bay. It's a best vantage point of the city with blue glittering water under a clear bright sun is designed by visionary architect. The park is divided into two part - one side pool which is a dream paradise in itself and the other side rests an observation deck that is covered with glass that gives a scenery to capture the memories from the top.


  • Panoramic views at the time of sunset
  • Boat like structure - one side pool & other side deck
  • Enjoy the day from the highest point
  • Glittering water in the pool & amazing scenery from the observation deck
  • An exciting park consists of shopping mall, restaurant, casinos & much more

Things to Know

  • Opening hours: - 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Tickets will be charged for observation deck
  • It is perched with 200 meter in the air with an infinitive pool
  • The pool is designed on the height but it's a safe & secure pool
  • Proper & timely observing of the pool to ensure security

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