Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

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The Merdeka square is situated in the centre of the city of Kuala Lumpur that was dropped by the KL city gallery to sign up for the free heritage walks. A huge open square is the best-known landmark which is famous to taste local street foods and purchase all sorts of things. Merdeka is a historical site where Malaya declared its independence. The square also has a large indoor theme park, buildings like Sultan Abdul Building, club and National History Museum. Set in front of the Sultan Abdul Building, the square seems to be nothing more than a giant field with green lawns that has been the venue for Merdeka Parade. The square is close to the Gombak River, central market, Masjid Jamek and Chinatown. It gives you a chance to explore many other surrounding buildings where the flagpole is the symbol of the country’s independence. A guided tour takes you to the history of Malaysia and click pictures as many attractions are at the surrounding of the square. Central market is made up of few floors with many stalls that is the best place to taste the local street food, purchase all sorts of things.

The square has retained its charm with colonial surroundings and a giant TV screen behind the square displays the advertisements and religious messages. Inspired by the Royal Selangor club, it’s a perfect venue for hosting many events, meetings and concerts. It has been turned into a battle ground for cricket matches which exists a large part of grass field with most interesting buildings nearby. Under the square, there is a Plaza Putra which consists food, leisure and entertainment complex. The square has become the centre of the British administration with public work department, district offices, Mines department, land audit and treasury. The unique Moorish style building that takes you to learn about the different cultures of the society. It reflects the cultural background of Malaysia that appears to be cream stone, is actually covered with brick. One of the most prominent spot with historical sites that makes you able to visit the brief stroll in Merdeka Square.


  • Surrounding areas to know about the culture
  • An opportunity to dive with the sharks
  • Savour local street food & purchase all sorts of things
  • Battle field for cricket matches
  • Host events, concerts and meetings
  • View the Sultan Abdul Building, Royal Selangor club & National History Museum
  • Enjoy at the indoor theme park & Plaza Putra
  • A spot to visit historical sites, departments and treasury


  • It opens for 24 hours.
  • Ticket price is not applicable

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