Mount Kinabalu Adventure Tour

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One of the tallest mountain in East Malaysian State of Sabah that is situated in Kinabalu National Park. The peak permits to climb the mountain by passing through the hurdles to get to the summit of Kinabalu. The tour starts during sunrise and climbers generally reaches the headquarters by mid-afternoon. Low peak can be climbed quite easily by the physically fit climber without any climbing equipment. Mount climb activities include rock climbing, paragliding & mountaineering requires proper training and equipment for climbing. Mount Kinabalu adventure tour takes visitors on the top where they find the treasure of adventure and nature. It gives a fantastic opportunity to explore the highlights of the lush green forest and diverse flora & fauna.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest summit between the Himalayas and snow - capped mountains where visitors can explore many adventurous activities. You will enjoy at the waterfalls, trekking, mountaineering and many more. As mount Kinabalu is located near the equator that takes you to the stunning activities of the tropical rain forest and summits to watch the sunrise and sunset views. A best spot for adventurous activities which is also known as a home to the endangered species like Elephant, rhinos, leopard and many more. Here you will also find the largest flower and most stunning views from the mountain range.


Permit and mountain guide : To climb at the summit a registration is necessary as this adventure is known to be one of the most accessible mountain in the world. The best time to enjoy the adventure from April to August. The adventure at the summit of the Mountain with the help of a guide makes you a most amazing and memorable experience.

Mount Kinabalu via Ferrata : It climb at the mountain by an alternative way Via Ferrata. An interesting way to climb at the summit with the proper required equipment like helmet, lanyards harness and rope.

Mount Kinabalu Climb : World's toughest mountain race gives ultimate challenge to the climbers. It is especially popular among the European Malaysian runners for giving them such an extraordinary experience.

Start your climb as early as possible : The most popular way to reach at the summing along with the spectacular sunrise views. Start your activities as soon as possible to enjoy the adventure.


  • View the natural beauty at the base
  • Enjoy paragliding, climbing and trekking
  • Stunning activities, view endangered species


  • It is preferred to take the ride early morning
  • Entrance fees – varies according to the age
  • Under 16 children can enjoy with the help of the guide

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