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National Museum is located near the Southern part of Lake Gardens which presents an excellent introduction to Malaysia’s history, economy geography, arts, crafts and culture. One of the top Museums is a 3 storey structure, divided in 4 main galleries named prehistory gallery, The Malay Kingdom Gallery, Colonial Era Gallery and Malaysian Today Gallery. A palatial structure that comprises the elements of traditional Malay and modern features. It takes around 20 minutes from the lake gardens, contains vast artefacts and exhibits where Italian glass mosaic highlights the significant events. A central hall and galleries are within the museum premises which displays collection of weapons that include swords, daggers and miniature canons. The museum hosts cultural events, weddings, festivals and costumes with traditional weapons. The impressive facade is built in traditional Malay style where ground floor showcases the geographic and natural history of Malay Peninsula where you find the collection of statues of Stone Makara with model of Valley temple that displays region’s ancient legacy. A number of outdoor displays resemble the American House Drawn Wagon and a floating factory on a natural lake.

The first floor showcases the formation of Malay Archipelago that find numerous archaeological sites where artefacts are found from Bujang Valley as one of the Early Civilization sites of Malaysia. Colonial Era Gallery highlights the time when Malaysia was under the rule of the Colonial rulers. Major focus has been given on the Dutch Era, British Era, Japanese occupation and freedom fighters. Malay Kingdom Gallery features the existence of Malay states and highlights of Malacca Empire where Malay Traditional weaponry. Malaysia Today gallery brings visitors to the sights and sound where you find exhibits of the Education, Nationalist Movement, Formation of Malaysia and also Malaysian Culture. Timber palace is a charming attraction which is designed for the tropics. Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the museum was initiated by the Malaysia’s Prime Minister. Inspired by the architecture of the royal palace of Malaysia which was incorporated the need for activity of exhibition, activity spaces & regular thematic exhibitions that features specific aspects of life.


  • Visit main galleries & main hall
  • Know about the story of Malaysia
  • Organise events, weddings and exhibitions
  • Exhibits weapons, activities, culture and heritage in Malaysia
  • At the walking distance from the lake gardens
  • Display national movements, education, flora and fauna of Malay
  • Major focus on Dutch Era, British Era & freedom fighters
  • Traditional carts, Museum Volunteer Malaysia & central hall


  • Opening Hours - 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM (Daily)

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