National Zoo of Malaysia

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National Zoo in Malaysia is a well-known zoo that takes you all around the world where you find more than 476 species of animals, birds and aqua creatures from Asia and Africa. It’s a rainforest with a variety of plants, a small aviary, fish pond, horse barn, playground and a mini cave. A zoo which is managed by the Malaysian Zoological society that relies on a great collection that has transformed itself as an open concept zoo and spacious exhibits. The most popular section includes Reptile Park, Malaysian Elephant exhibits, Birds Aviary and Lake Birds. The reptile park has internal and external exhibits that is called a home to saltwater & freshwater crocodiles, tortoises and also snakes that are from the various habitats of Malaysia. At the lake birds painted storks, swans, milky storks and pelicans are found. The bird aviary provides shelter to more than 100 indigenous and exotic bird species where you can find different nocturnal exhibits. The exhibits at the zoo include fruit bats, mouse deer, penguins, Kangaroos, rabbit, ducks, Malayan Tapir as well as parrots. From the ape centre, directly entered to the insect zoo where you find a unique collection of insects that includes longest butterflies in this world.

The Zoo also offers kid-friendly exhibits that are known as the Children's World. At the Zoo multi-animal shows are organised twice in a day whereas train rides and guided tours are available on weekends. Mini Bee Museum is located at the heart of the zoo that helps visitors to know about the different types of bees in the country. Multi animal photo corner is at the main entrance of the zoo where visitors can enjoy photography with snakes, horses and birds. Education is the major objective of the zoo which also provides free educational services to schools and group visits. There is an oldest and most extensive freshwater aquarium situated within the zoo which highlights Malaysian rivers and wetlands that house a wide variety of aqua creatures, including prawns, corals and aquatic insects. It is accessible via a public transportation that makes it easy for the visitors to explore the zoo.


  • Children's World for kids’ entertainment and fun
  • The Mammal Kingdom includes golden cats and leopards
  • Freshwater Aquarium for the aqua creatures
  • Cat Walk, Ape Centre, Insect Zoo
  • Explore different nocturnal animals
  • See the different Malaysian elephants, penguin & kangaroos
  • Asiatic black bears, brown bears, sloth bears, and Malayan sun bears
  • Mini Bee museum to know about different bees
  • Enjoy photography at the multi-animals photo corner
  • Free educational services to the group tours and students
  • Know about the different types of bees


  • Opening hours – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Daily)
  • Ticket price varies as per the age of the visitors

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