Pangkor Island

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Pangkor Island is a small and beautiful Island located at the western side of peninsula Malaysia, dedicated to culture and tradition. The Island welcomes visitors from all over the world to visit the nearby areas such as Dutch Fort, Pangkor Town, Chinese Temple and Great Wall of China. It takes visitors to engage in the activities that includes motor riding, trekking, Jungle trekking, kayaking & scuba diving. Nestled amidst the stunning rainforest and white sandy beaches, the island is an ideal place for enjoying activities that gives lots of fun and entertainment to the visitors. There is not a particular time to visit Malaysia as one can find pleasant weather throughout the year in Malaysia.

Visitors can also enjoy the spectacular views at the Island with an overlook of the beautiful sunset and heavy rainfall in Malaysia. It boasts the world’s premier resorts, spa centres and a view to marine life that takes you on a pleasant evening for a sophisticated and fine dining with the savour of sea food. The resort features sea views, with sea villas, sea suites and outdoor pool that takes you on a pleasant evening. The resort also hosts many events and celebrations like weddings, birthdays and meetings.


Visit the village and towns : Adventurous and water sports activities are hosted for the visitors.

White sandy beach : Fishing Village, Pangkor town, Dutch Fort and kali Amman temple located around the eastern side of the Island. There are places where you can taste seafood, some local dishes and even shop for souvenirs.

History and Culture :There are places at the Pangkor Island which gives you a chance to explore culture of Malaysia.

Sand and Sea : A visit to Pangkor Island will surely include fun at the white sand near the sea. The beaches here are very well maintained that takes you to enjoy a lot of sea activities.

Exploring : One of the unique activities like rent a bike or a bicycle your way around. If you are an adventure lover, go for some jungle-trekking. The beaches have clear water and almost white sand. Coral Bay, tortoise bay, & many more that are crowd and busy during the vacations.

Activities : It takes you to enjoy adventure activities such as trekking, mount climbing, kayaking, paragliding, parasailing and Snorkelling.


  • Lots of fun with water sports activities
  • Enjoy the adventurous rides
  • Leisure at sandy beach
  • Activities for the kids
  • Best resort for accommodation, fine dining and drinking


  • Enjoy adventurous activities
  • Visit the fishing village, Pangkor town and temple
  • Snorkelling, scuba diving and parasailing
  • Savour delicious cuisine, drinks and seafood.

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