Singapore Para Jumping Adventure Tours

Para Jumping Adventure Tours

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General info

Para jumping is an exciting aircraft for returning to earth with the aid of gravity by using a parachute. It's an experience where the body gradually accelerates to terminal velocity by using the deployment of airborne & Special Forces allows you to replicate the feeling of a free-fall jump. At the para jumping leap point enjoy the amazing views of ocean, jungles, palm in the breeze & white sand beaches.

Possible experience with custom made safety wires, thrilling dropping from 15 metre height connected to a power fan that ensures a soft & safe landing. A place to have fun together with Mega zip and Climb-max completely depends on fitness level. An aerial rope course, a platform takes you in the air and lands gently on the ground.


  • Night jumps: para jumping also can be at night time but requires more instruments & safety at the night time as jumpers used flash lights to check their canopy properly deployed.
  • Pond swooping: A form of competitive parachuting where pilots attempts to touch down & glides across a small body of water on the shore.
  • Style: Style can be considered as a parachuting free-fall, using a ground based camera. Performance can be defined in seconds.
  • Tracing: it is used at the end of group jumps to separate from other jumpers before parachute deployment.

Things to do:

  • A blue or red line bus takes you towards the Imbian Hill & 15 metre up to the mega zip adventure park
  • A free-fall by using a parachute
  • Night jumps also available
  • Parachute flying completely depends on the weather conditions

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