Penang Botanic Gardens

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Penang Botanic gardens also known as the waterfalls gardens which is a well-landscaped place that contains a huge variety of local and exotic plant species. The garden is divided into 12 sections including lily pond, formal garden, tropical rainforest jungle track, Perdana plant house, and Quarry Recreational Park. A tropical forest with several themed gardens is an excellent place to see colourful birds, butterflies, dusky leaf monkeys and black giant squirrels. The garden is also a popular spot for recreational activities such as jogging, walking, trekking, hiking or cycling. Established in 1884, under the supervision of the first superintendent Charles Curtis where you find plenty of paths around the park and Monkey path is one of them. It’s a highly rewarding trek with short jungle trails on the surrounding slopes which take you to explore the leaf monkeys, myriad of insects, butterflies and black giant squirrels. The major aim of the garden is providing professional device related to botany, horticulture, landscaping and taxonomy where lush greenery and tranquil at the park make it a popular tourist destination. Its unique cultural heritage and different species of flora and fauna.

The garden is a perfect place to escape from the heat and crowd of the city for relaxing and leisure. It plays an important role in landscape development by attracting millions of visitors to enjoy the company of nature. Explore the rare plant species at the Fern Rockery, Sun Rockery, Herb Garden and the Formal Garden. The main objective of the garden includes conservation programmes that provide a clean, safe and public recreation environment in the appreciation of nature and gardening. The path is covered with natural vegetation of the tropical rainforest where a smooth waterfall is flowing. At the monkey’s path, find more than 200 monkeys at the park which comes from the surrounding hills and feeding monkeys are prohibited at the park. Besides the lanes you see beautiful birds, squirrels & turtles at the pleasant and enchanting area.


  • 12 zones include monkey path, Penang hill and mount olivia
  • Explore species of monkeys, insects, butterflies and squirrels
  • Escape from the heat for leisure
  • Enjoy diverse flora and fauna
  • A perfect place for trekking, walking and hiking


  • Opening Hours: - 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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