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An amazing adventure tour that takes you away from the heat of the Georgetown by a cable car ride to explore restaurants, food stalls, mosques, Hindu temple and a tea kiosk. Railway is the best option to reach to the top by passing through several small stations. The summit offers magnificent views of the Georgetown, mainland of Malaysia and Penang Bridge. During the tour you will visit amazing bungalow, fruits and vegetable farms & morning trails that make it your best holiday destination in Malaysia. An ideal place to enjoy there which leads you to the Botanical Garden where you can explore a number of trails up the hill. At the top small and medium sized mammals like squirrel, monkeys and bats can be found as large mammals are hard to find there. Penang hill also known as the Bukit Bendera, is the most developed hill which takes visitors from the bottom to the peak of the hill. Major attraction of the hill is Penang Owl Museum which is dedicated to owl themed art and craft. It attracts number of visitors as many species of flora and fauna are found there which presents enticing views to please you.


Flora : A common forest type to explore plant species and herbaria which is rich in biodiversity. It takes you in close contact with the nature.

Fauna : Wide range of small mammals can be found at there that incudes bats, squirrels and civets. It is also a home for many migratory birds.

Owl Museum : Major attraction that presents the owl themed arts and crafts.

Resort : Penang hill consists a luxurious resort for leisure and accommodation.

Climate : The hill has cooler climate than the land which takes you away from the heat of the land.


  • Panoramic views from the top
  • Explore species of birds and animals
  • Visit the attractions, religious places and restaurants
  • Savour of exotic cuisines
  • Cable car ride and railway to reach at the top


  • Opening hours (Daily) – 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM
  • Tickets varies as per the age

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