Pinang Peranakan Museum

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Penang Peranakan Museum located at Church Street is an amazing attraction that introduces people to the historical culture of Peranakan. The museum is entirely decorated with Chinese wooden panels which display more than 1000 antiques and artefacts. The museum is a former resident of the Chinese straits where balconies offer a view over the streets. Built at the end of 19th century, it has an upper-class home for the enjoyment of the wealthy Straits Chinese of the past. A grand entrance hall where you can stroll, a luxurious Dining Hall for having delicious Chinese meal and beautifully decorated Bridal Chamber. The museum showcases the Scottish Ironworks, European Art, furniture & more. A typical home for the Baba and Nyonya with a unique lifestyle with custom & tradition that are still evident in Penang where Nyonya is the term used for women and Baba for the men. The museum is also known as a house of electric design and architecture with carved wood panels, English floor tiles and Scottish iron-works. The museum has resorted its glory of the stately home.

An elegant museum with a blend of antiques and collectibles which is an ornate sight to behold. A beautiful museum is also known as Hai Kee Chan with the interior fittings including Victorian cast iron and Glass-glow that takes you on an exhibition of Nyonya customs. It establishes the Han populations of the British straits settlements of Malaya and they were most English educated. It presents a fascinating culture that is unique to Malaysia as the common feature in the museum are the prewar houses which are located along the corridors. The mansion has two floors with dining rooms and meeting rooms and also games rooms located on the ground floor. There is a majestic dining room with long tables and intricate golden woodworks. The first floor is bright with natural light shining in a living room, bedroom, bridal room and a treasure hall. A museum is one of the most private homes that showcases Peranakan antiques, controlling monopolies, political and commercial benefits. The museum introduces visitors the latest appliances on the mines, under the supervision of a European engineer. It is endowed with a big scholarship fund for poor Chinese scholars to prepare themselves for the time-honoured civil service examinations.


  • Reception hall
  • Side-room downstairs
  • Treasure hall
  • Exhibition of Nyonya custom, tradition and lifestyle
  • Bridal chamber
  • Upstairs living room
  • Games table with altar to Kuan Yin
  • Dining room for having delicious meal


  • Opens daily – 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Tickets are necessary for visiting there

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