Redang Island

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Redang Island is one of the best Islands in Malaysia which is known for its crystal clear blue water & white sandy beaches. This Island is an ideal place for snorkelling & diving as the pristine beaches and the tropical weather adds beauty to make Island a perfect holiday destination to love the combination of water, sun & beach. A small resort based Island that provides best accommodation facilities to the visitors. The Island has a tropical climate which is affected by the monsoon. One of the largest Islands located in Terengganu provides sights of tourism and fun time along beautiful escapes. Apart from these, Redang Park is also at the Island where you find many aqua and land creatures. A place for crystal clear water where you find many marine creatures that is enclosed with lush greenery. It takes you to enjoy breath taking sun rising or sun set views for the perfect moments to capture the memories in your camera. A major tourist attraction which attracts millions of visitors which is famous for its warm water and white coral reef. A perfect destination for trekking, diving, snorkelling or more.

Explore best accommodation, fine dining and the spa facilities near the Island at the best luxurious resorts. A quite protected place for glimmering presence where you find energetic squirrel and lizards. It is a popular spot for crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, tropical fish inhabits and numerous reef. The snorkelling is quite protected activity that can be done with the help of equipment that are provided to you on rental basis. It takes up you to enjoy fun time along with peaceful escapes that lies from the coast of the city. The jewel of the Island is in the Redang Marine Park where you find hawksbill turtle, groupers & many more. Enjoy the amazing experience at the surrounding areas of the Island where you enjoy the company of fairly wildlife including inquisitive monkeys and energetic squirrels and large lizards. A private beach takes you to spend their time by lazing or exploring the corals which is considered a best place for tourism. The Island with blue sea and underwater world takes you to enjoy the incredible scenery.


  • Explore marine and aqua creature
  • Best accommodation, spas and fine dining at nearby resorts
  • Enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving
  • Amazing sun-rise and sunset views
  • Perfect combination of land, water, sea and sun
  • Pristine beaches
  • Diverse flora and fauna


  • Snorkelling equipment are on rental basis

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