Royal Malaysian Police Museum

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Royal Malaysian Police Museum is one of the best Museums in Kuala Lumpur that offers a fascinating history of Malaysian Police force. Situated between National mosque and Lake Gardens the museum exhibits the history, work and origin of the Police in Malaysia under the British colonial era. During your visit to police museum, see the most famous nearby attractions including Bird Park and Islamic art museum. The grounds include the list of monuments with the names of police officers and their role of honour in receiving various awards and medals. A fascinating attraction where you get aware about various criminal evidences, role of police trainees and their accommodation. The museum is an arrow shaped wooden structure which takes you to know more about the Sultanate Empire, traditional weapon, equipment and vehicles. The museum describes in depth explanation about the history of through the painting, drawing and weaponry displays to those who are keen to learn about them. Interactive torch screen terminals are at the main entrance of the museum for giving you more information about the history of the police.

The amazing small museum is divided into 3 major sections gallery A, B and C. Gallery A takes you to know about the Malaysian police. It exhibits displays of the old police uniforms and equipment of the Police squad of Malaysia. Gallery B exhibits the vehicles and evidences which highlight the handmade gadgets that are used at that time such as typewriter, helmet, revolver, notebook, drinking water filter and so on. This part also exhibit the bikes and motor vehicles used in that time by the Malaysian Police. Gallery C offers a deep explanation of the role of the police that armed encounter between police and communist party of Malaysia. It describes the story of sacrifices, struggle, fight with communist terrorists and success of defeating enemy. Special themed exhibitions are held there after every 3 months. A few items are displayed at the museum where you will be able to see various personnel tanks, boats & plane, exhibited here. It also displays a collection of cars that were used by the ancient police squads of Malaysia.


  • Explore galleries displaying weapons and equipment
  • Displays of gadgets, uniform, boats, plane and tanks
  • Find collection of cars
  • All instrument of the ancient police squads
  • In depth study about the Malaysian police
  • Know about their sacrifices, struggle and fight


  • Opening Hours - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Monday will be closed
  • Closed on Friday afternoon for Friday prayer

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