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Have you ever imagined the pleasure and the thrills of walking on the ocean bed and exploring the beautiful aquatic ecosystem of Bali? Well, it sounds like fantasy, but now, you can experience this in the Sea Walker tour of Bali. This is a rare experience will give you Goosebumps due to the thrills. In the water, you can sense the fish, beautiful coral reef, and other aquatic life in their natural inhabitant. It is best for the people who wish to explore the sea life, but are not confident about swimming or diving. As a matter of fact, it is a perfect alternative of scuba diving

We provide a unique diving system that includes special kit, and guidance of experienced professionals through which, you can dive deep down in the ocean bed and walk as if you are walking on land. It includes modern equipment in marine exploration technologies such as transparent visor helmet, specially designed suit, and others. It is important that you don’t carry air tank for being lightweight and flexible. Before you enter the water, there will be a small training course provided to you.

It might look an expensive venture, but it is a value for money deal in comparison to other water sports activities in Bali. Usually, the entire trip is of 30 minutes, after which, you will be escorted back to the surface. Due to medical reasons, we don’t allow tourists with heart problems, lungs problems, pregnancy, Asthma, and other medical patients. Every second of Sea walking will be an unforgettable memory of your life.

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