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Explore the amazing architecture, major attractions and sophisticated building that surely amaze you. The city tour takes you to the wonderful areas to view the magnificent beauty at the parks, temples, mosques, beaches, Iconic landmarks and museum. These have been a cynosure for all the travellers for the last few years. The city tour takes you to mingle with local and exotic wildlife creatures, snorkelling and also boating. It also provides panoramic views, best shopping & dining experience during your trip. You will get a chance to view huge buildings, savour mouth-watering cuisines and also play at the theme parks. The funny rides and water sports activities gives extraordinary fun to the kids also. Amazing sunset view, different creatures, safari ride, fill you with lots of excitement. You will find diversity at single place that provides you a stunning experience.

The tour also takes you to the places with greenery, attractions and water parks where you will find lots of activities for all age persons. A combination of diversifications can be seen there as the natural beauty and fabulous attractions made it your best holiday destination forever. You will also get a chance to enjoy photography to capture all the memories in your camera. Galaxy Tourism takes you to the unique and amazing experience to the multicultural cities at affordable prices. Here you will find perfect blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture which also organises corporate events. Wildlife, shopping extravaganzas, bustling nightlife, amazing world class attractions, pristine beaches and sea sports activities provides endless fun to the voyagers.

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