Singapore Adventure Cove Waterpark

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Adventure Cove -- An aquatic amusement water Park has endless splashes of fun with an aquarium, waterslides and a wave pool with many colourful theme parks. On the way there are many amazing adventurous activities like Riptide rocket, rainbow beef, water rides include duelling race, spiral & whirlpool washout etc. Many water & theme parks in its territory never fails to embarrass the tourists, filled with beautiful eye catching sculpture encounter the river.

Thrilling high speed water slides encounter with marine life at one place come face to face with the sharks. The water park is located within Resorts world Santosa to feel you down thrilling water slides as first hydro magnetic coaster. At wave pool 14 stunning scenes inhabited by the water creatures over a colourful coral reef to touch their velvety wings.


  • Rainbow Reef: Come snorkel over a colourful rainbow reef & enjoy up close encounter with many friendly fish.
  • Adventure River: Grab a leisurely ride down Adventure River though 14 stunning scenes.
  • Big Bucket Tree House: - Get wet & wild to share the rush of giant bucket tipping over galloons of fun & dine at Bay Restaurant.
  • Duelling Racer: Grab a racer mat & take your friend on a duelling high speed competitive plunge.
  • Spiral washout: A tube ride will leave you through a twisting turning water flume at an incredible speed.
  • Pipeline Plunge: A ride to experience dropping that sends you careening banked turns.
  • Thrilling water slides: Wet Maze, Duelling water racer, Riptide rocket, Tidal Twister & many more.
  • Immersive Experience: Ray Bay Magic of wading & interacting with the Dozen of rays.

Things to do:

  • Whirlpool & spiral washout
  • Riptide rocket & duelling racer
  • Rainbow reef & coral reef
  • Pipeline plunge & Tidal Twister
  • Thrilling water slides
  • Touch the velvety wings of water creatures
  • Opening hours : 10 AM - 6 PM

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