Singapore Fort Canning Park

General info

A historical leafy landmark in the heart of the city is a perfect blend for heritage and natural splendour which is covered with huge and shady trees. Earlier it was used to store military equipment but now it has been converted into Public Park. As the park is located on high hills, serves the spectacular views for nature and peace lovers. One can enjoy many sculptures after reaching the port as it's a quiet place for walking or resting in leisure that gives information about the history & different roads of the park. Plenty of signboards for you to help in finding your path and most visiting sights are open field, fort canning centre, fort canning hotel & battle box. A vibrant trading port with iconic landmarks is full of surprises for music and nature lovers has become a venue for celebrations. Theatre, expensive lawns for hosting concerts & wedding parties at Hill-top Park that has something to offer to the whole family. A small hill that played a key role in war effort Singapore and offers a variety of art & nature experiences.


  • Enjoy the natural beauty & attraction
  • Iconic historical landmarks, Hilltop Park (A small hill)
  • Enjoy the natural beauty under huge & shady trees
  • Located on high hills, present panoramic views
  • A quiet place for walk or rest in leisure

Things to Know

  • The park is open for 24 hours
  • Free entry for the park
  • Arrangement for concerts, wedding & live performances
  • Easily commute for the park through MRT station

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