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A perfect destination in Singapore well known for its beauty & Ambiance, not only the best example of the modern tradition but also the unique diverse culture that has made it a land of diverse beauty. Haw Par Villa is the only park with 1000 statues & 150 giant tableaux that tell the story of Chinese legends & Confucian ideology.

This has the 10 courts of Hell and goddess of mercy describes famous classic tale of battle between good & bad. Acts as an amusement park, promoted with its another well-known name a Dragon World. Apart from Chinese legends, park include tiger car, the Jade house, tables of virtues & vices. In court of Hell, a glimpse of the punishment given after the death before going to heaven. This Villa has plenty of theme parks, man-made wonders, modern activities & tiger balm gardens.


  • 10 courts of Hell: - It depict the various scenarios that if anybody ever sinned in his life, according to the Chinese legend the sinner has to pass these different steps from the different court of Hell before admission into heaven.
  • Off the beaten track: for the beginners the villa has unique parks with 1000 statues & 150 giant dioramas to retell historic Chinese legends & religious methodology is an ancient architecture for more than 80 years.
  • Origin of AW family: A lavish villa familiar about the Tiger Balm Ointment was created by the AW family became a richest Chinese in Ragoon by working restlessly on their late father's improvising recipe to prepare perfect "Tiger Balm".
  • Wishing well: Hidden away at remote corner with a galaxy Guanine figurine erected at the top of the well. Visitors make wish by ringing the bell.

Things to do:

  • From Tiger Balm to Haw par Villa
  • The legendry Tiger Cars & the Japanese watch tower
  • Ten courts of Hell, Man-made wonders
  • White snakes, 24 Exemplars
  • Wishing well, & many unique parks

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