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Little India is the most vibrant district to walk down the Serangoon road and neighboring streets where you can explore the Hindu & Chinese temples, mosques and churches. It takes you on an exponential tour where you can enjoy the incredible shopping at the shopping centers and malls. Start your visit from the Little India Arcade to proceed towards the Abdul Gafoor Mosque which is designed in a unique way with amazing architecture. Enjoy the beauty of the Indian Handicrafts, garland-wearing and spice trade centers which are the major highlighted spots in Little India. A glimpse of the traditional culture at the goldsmith shops to the saree stores excites the curious travelers. Feel the aroma of the delicious authentic cuisines at the little India which attracts visitors to strive their hunger. A glimpse of the Indian festivals, Deepawali and Pongal excite the travelers. At the end of your visit, enjoy the traditional tattoo in your hand. The renowned beauty of attractive sites, malls and religious places in Little India make your trip pleasant and memorable.


  • Gives glimpse of different cultures
  • Just like the crowded city of India
  • A place for shopping, dining and walking
  • Enjoy different Indian festivals

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  • Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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