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General info

Night safari is a beautiful place that opens at night, is a home for more than 2000 animals of rare species where you will get a chance to see, play and dine with nocturnal mammals at the Zoo. A zoo that must be visiting during the vacations in Singapore where the animals are cordoned off with wires and are placed in separate areas. A chance for those who are eager to see many rare creatures in the world to enjoy the live commentary while strolling the two giant aviaries. As the dusk falls, night safari welcomes you to the 7 geographical zones where you will find the friendly creatures roaming freely in the park. A hassle free trip takes you to night safari to be mingled with rare creature, enjoy the tram rides & walking trails through rain forest. A vast forest which is replete with many heritage trees where animals can roam freely & make different roaring sounds to threaten people.


  • Special features at Safari are tribal dances & blowpipe performances
  • A night tor to the Zoo with tram rides & walking trails
  • Watch night show, performances of the night creatures
  • Observe the activities of the different creatures of the Zoo
  • Dinner during your safari ride at a restaurant in the Zoo
  • Hear roaring sounds of dangerous animals

Things to Know

  • Opening Hours: - 7:00 PM - 12 AM
  • Must be a hearty person to walked with wild creatures
  • Need not to be feared with threatening roaring sounds
  • Tickets are must before entering the Zoo

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