Sipadan National Park

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Sipadan Island is one of the most beautiful spots in the world for scuba diving with huge pillars that performs the functions as a shelter for many sea animals and fish. The oceanic Island in the heart of Indo pacific basin is the centre of the richest marine habitats which is famous for its diversity of Marine life. A small and paradisiacal Island located at the Sabah’s East coast also has several food restaurants that offers great food. The Island is known for the best scuba diving spot which was formed by the living corals was listed for the top dive destination in the world. A top spot for the diversity of the marine habitats in the world which includes more than 3000 species of fish including sting rays, coral reef & eagle rays that have been classified in this ecosystem. Explore the Hawksbill and green turtle around the Island whose tomb lies underneath the column of the Island with tunnels and Chambers.

A world famous Island is a home to thousands of turtle, schooling sharks and awe-spring coral which is the largest Barrier reef. It takes you to the equator of the sea which is recommended the most popular sites in Sipadan where you enjoy great diving sites and wooden walkways. Enjoy at the different diving sites such as south point, Barracuda Point, Turtle Cavern and Drop off which present spectacular views by observing marine life and other aqua creatures. Enjoyment at the turtle cavern which is sea easy and interesting dive to add interesting sites. There is a huge amount of marine life which shallows down over the wall. A well-known great diving destination which provides opportunities of snorkelling and diving with the help of the equipment which is important to visit and admire the underwater world. The best place in the world to swim with plenty of turtles where you enjoy the underwater photographic opportunities with your family and friends.


  • Enjoy typical dive with colourful fish, sharks & turtles
  • Sites to see sharks & turtle
  • Coral fish, marine life creatures and Sting rays
  • Enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling
  • Underwater photographic opportunities
  • Visit local fish village

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