Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

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Sultan Abu Bakar is one of the old Mosques in Johor Bahru that stands on the top of the hill, provides accommodation to more over 2000 worshippers at one time. A magnificent mosque consists 4 minarets crafted beautifully that presents the breath-taking views of the place. The interior of the mosque is crafted in white marble that looks like the British watch Towers. The mosque is a combination of Victorian and Moorish style architecture that presents the true beauty of the place to amaze visitors. Designed in the shape of Pyramid, the mosque provides space of worship at the big hall and takes visitors to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding areas. The marbles for this fascinating architecture are brought from Italy that gives a picture perfect experience to the visitors. From the top, enjoy the magnificent scenery which is surrounding by Islamic administrative, Islamic school, Johor Zoo and a religious department. The stunning white washed walls and tiled roof inspired by the architectural influences. One of the most magnificent mosque where visitors are also allowed to enter for the purpose of visiting.

The mosque was constructed under the direction of the Sultan Abu Bakar which is noted by the minarets that take the form of British clock towers. British architecture influences the beautiful mosque which is considered as the state mosque of Johor. One of the renowned sites, located near the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum and Sultan Abu Bakar Monument where you also find luxurious hotel to executive residences. Amazing building has prominent prayer hall and Roman pillars where prayers are held at the mosque 5 times a day. It is marked by the department of museums and Antiquities as a protected heritage monument. It is said that one must cover their head, arms and legs as a symbol of respect and also remove your shoes before entering the mosque. Victorian architecture influence the design of the mosque which is used as the imported areas of turkey & Italy from where the interior is brought that gives an amazing appearance to the mosque.


  • Designed with amazing architecture
  • A spacious hall for worship
  • Located on the summit of the hill
  • Panoramic views from the roof
  • Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding areas
  • Best accommodation facilities
  • Like the British watch tower with roman pillars and white marbles
  • 1 hour round to visit the mosque


  • Opening Hours: - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • No admission charges at the mosque

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