Tampaksiring Presidential Palace

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Tampaksiring Presidential Palace a well-known name among another tourist spot located in Bali. Situated in the higher altitude of Mount Agung of Gianyar Regency, it was Bali’s former president Soekarno, of whose order its construction took place in between 1957-60. The architecture of this Palace was a symbol of the finesse of that era. This beautiful Palace comprises of two buildings which have a wooden bridge to join them and no doubt it is a retreat to the eye. In the lap of green hills surrounded by deer, visitors came here to relish the view of natural beauty that leaves them spellbound. Tampaksiring Palace also provides a view of Tritha Empul temples, a sacred visiting place for Hindu. This temple is also known as Holy Water Temple where everyday tourists, as well as local, came to take a bath in its holy water pond. They believe that this bath will wash away all their sins and remove the evil spirit controlling them. This place name Tampaksiring composed of two words Tampak and Siring, where the earlier meant foot and the latter stands for oblique. Based on this name, there is a mythical story in King Mayadenawa deformed his footprint as he escaped to the jungle to save his life from lord Indra’s army. To step inside the Tampaksiring Presidential Palace, one must have the approval letter issued from President office. There are several resorts located close to the Tampaksiring Presidential Palace, where a visitor can stay during their vacation in Bali.

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