Thean Hou Temple

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Thean Hou Temple is a grand structure that represents a combination of modern architectural techniques and traditional design. One of the oldest and largest temples in Southeast Asia is a shrine where many devotee come to worship. Located on a hill, the temple offers wonderful views of the city from the upper deck. The temple features a statue, Chinese medicinal herbs garden and a tortoise pond. It’s a multi-arched gateway with red pillars, dragon inspired columns, a prayer hall and a popular wedding venue. The syncretic temple is dedicated to the goddess Tian Hou, with imposing features, spectacular roof and intricate embellishment. A popular tourist destination, divided up to 4 levels where stalls for delicious delicacies are found at the 1st floor. Multi-purpose hall at the 2nd floor, offices are located at the 3rd floor while prayer hall is at the 4th floor. At the right to the prayer hall, there is a statue of the Guan Yin which is set amongst the rocks and falling water. The prayer hall is decorated with bright golden statues.

One of the oldest and largest temple in the South East Asia where thousands of Chinese devotees come at the time of festival to devote their prayer. The temple is a perfect place to host many religious and cultural activities like birthday celebration for the goddess, Dharma prayers & more which also offers services for the marriage registration and fortune telling. It takes visitors for an authentic experience. A modern Buddhist pagoda where you find plethora of Buddha images that was built with the purpose to provide a space to the Buddhist tradition. Opened in 1989, the temple is run by the federal territory association and Selangor. More than 100 cultural activities are organised at the temple which is decorated beautifully according to the event with red lanterns. A place for the traditional Chinese exercises and martial art activities that is only a short walk way. It can be easily commuted by a monorail, by overpassing and walking up to the hill.


  • Visit the 4 levels
  • Watch the different statues of gods
  • Enjoy the devotees’ prayer and festivals
  • Wonderful views from the upper floor
  • Experience the goddess’s birthday celebrations
  • Visit different halls, spectacular roof and intricate embellishment
  • Easily commuted by monorail or taxi
  • Major attractions are medicinal herbs, garden and a tortoise pond


  • Opening hours – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (daily)
  • Free entrance at the temple

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