Singapore Wave House Adventure Tours

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General info

Wave house at Santosa beach is actually an Island is designed to accommodate tourists which is blessed by nature with beautiful beaches, tropical suns, palm trees & spectacular sunset views. A perfect canvas to improve flow riding & ultimate blend of entertainment with lots of fun for all ages at most attractive Santosa beach.

The most iconic view at the Santosa beach life style with many Singaporean Cuisines. Friendly environment to get involved & experience the latest bound sport technology. A big hit especially for kids on fast moving sheet of water. First step to exhilarating the flow boarding experience with endless fun, safe & many similar tricks to other board sports.


  • The Flow Barrel: A scary barrel but the intensity can be turned down for less proficient riders. A perfect endless barrelling waves can be a challenge of many waves.
  • Double flow riders: Exhilarating flow boarding experience, a first step to have lots of fun, over a complete vinyl surface like a trampoline.
  • Flow league: A competition designed to grow & bring the local flow fraternity together & to help fellow riders improve their riding skills.

Things to do:

  • Must have pleasure to swim in a fast moving turbulent water
  • Must be healthy without any illness or surgery
  • Please don't visit if suffering with BP or consuming any drugs
  • Enjoy the day at flow barrel & flow ride
  • Please bring a valid photo ID proof for your ride
  • A registration is required for this 30 min. earlier

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