Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

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Cheng Hoon Teng is a traditional Chinese temple in Malaysia which is a central place of worship that gives a chance to the visitors to discover the story of faith and perseverance. Established in 400 years back, the premier historical monument is housed as the lead of Chinese community. It is one of the most notable landmarks in Malacca which is dedicated to the Kuan Yin – the goddess of mercy with black, gold and red statue in the central prayer Hall. Left side of the prayer hall, there are statues of the guardian of sea-men and fisher-men whereas on the right side, you will find the statues of the god of Justice. The oldest and finest Chinese temple is known as Merciful cloud temple which has the most significant features where devotees get spiritual aspiration of the Chinese community. One of the most notable landmarks that is set near the Hindu temple where you find black, gold and red robbed statues that stands in the central prayer hall. The prayer hall has saddled roof with dark timber beams and beautiful carved woodwork. The chambers are prominent throughout the temple that reflects the architectural designs of South China. The temple was constructed by the craft-men, artisan and carpenters that replicates the design of Chinese temple.

The temple functioned as the official administrative centre and a court of justice. There is a fundamental belief that every aspect of life is closely related to attain perfect harmony with nature. It is contributed as aesthetic and structural addition of the building where you find stone tables for special events but are different word in Chinese. The walls of the temple are painted with lime-wash. The Chinese temple welcomes many visitors from the diverse culture and they all are recommended to remove their shoes before entering the temple. Visitors come here for visiting purpose or devote their prayers. It was expanded in the succession of centuries that has a courtyard which separates this from the prayer hall. At the entrance of the main hall, immortals are not shown in human form that symbolized the Dragon with 4 claws which are staged as traditional Chinese works.


  • Amazing architecture at the internal and external part of the temple
  • Explore the beauty of the temple
  • Visit the central hall & prayer hall
  • Spacious temple for the visitors
  • Visitors can enjoy or devote their prayer
  • Events are also organised there
  • A place to discover the faith and perseverance


  • Opening hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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