Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur

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Shri Mahamariamman temple is an ideal place of worship that boasts about the magnificent architecture. Located at the edge of the Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, the oldest Hindu temple has the most remarkable features that never fails to attract millions of curious onlookers to know and observe Hindu Culture. Visitors come at the temple for tourism purpose and also devote their prayer. It provides an important place for cultural and national heritage. Indian festival “Thaipusam” is celebrated in the temple and during that time the statues of Lore Murugan is taken to Batu caves in a silver Chariot. The amazing architecture which has the most outstanding features with gate tower and is built in the shape of Pyramid. A main prayer hall is built with in the temple premises which is designed with Spanish & Italian tiles, precious stone and gold. The prayer hall is decorated with Onion Domed ceiling where three Shrines are located.

A south Indian styled temple has an inner chamber where you find the main statue of Shri Mahamariamman. An incongruous sight which is adorned with hand painting motifs and depicting stories from early Hinduism. The temple is situated near railway station in Kuala Lumpur which is open for public to visit and devote their prayer. It is recommended for all the visitors to remove their shoes before entering in the temple. The entrance of the temple is in the shape of Pyramid is at the outside of the temple where many flower vendors sell garlands and also many stalls are there for selling different delicacies. The tallest structure resembles the form of human body and decorated as the main shrine with the ornamental embellishment dome. Shrine of the temple is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha and his brother which is located at the main prayer hall. While visiting the temple, see the major attraction within Chinatown that includes central market, Petaling Street and a Chinese temple. The temple that provides you a lifetime memorable experience.


  • Enjoy the Hindu Festival “Thaipusam”
  • A Silver Chariot for taking statues to the Batu caves
  • Visit central market, Petaling Street and a Chinese temple
  • Visit the highlands, rainforest and deep blue sea
  • A prayer hall with statues of Hindu God
  • A place to visit and worship
  • Watch the amazing architecture to know about the Indian culture and heritage


  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM (Sunday – Thursday)
  • It opens till 9:30 PM on Friday
  • It opens till 9:00 PM on Saturday

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