Singapore Gmax Reverse Bungy

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G Max Bungy is an incredible & famous in Clarke Quay to relish the gravitational power on the earth. A brilliant ride of 60 metre all around ended up renowned for local people & visitors so far in time. Bungy is propelled where the solid gravitational draw of the earth is fused. Sightseers are entitled for an entire day filled with exercises & never get exhausted. Wellbeing of the viewer' s harmonies & containers are kept by specialists and a special ride permits the container.

First & only Reverse Bungy has attracted hundreds of people to watch & ride on it, offering an adrenaline rush at the highest level, an open air capsules with a seating capacity of 3 persons take visitors 60 meter high in the air with a speed of 200 km/h. The capsules are prepared to be strapped inside a metal cage, a spectacular view for those who can keep their eyes open for this adventure.


  • Bungy bar: During the adventure to feel your body relax, Bungy Bar is a good place to sit there and have a glass of wine.
  • Clark Quay: This is a good place near the river with no. of bars & vibrant place to enjoy during adventure.
  • Ultimate Magic: A magician show where magician are treated as celebrities as they present their magic in a unique way.
  • GX 5: A lift off literally with this flyer which takes you and 4 others visitors in a capsule 100 metre across the Singapore River & back in a free fall of 50 metre.

Things to do:

  • Thrilling fun & crazy experience
  • Hilarious attraction at extreme swing
  • Awesome & scary
  • Great ride at Clarke quay
  • Spectacular view with open eyes
  • Avoided by the people those are induced vomiting

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