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Night safari is the 1st nocturnal zoo that opens at night only. It's the top tourist attraction and an adventure tour that gives you a chance to mingle with different animals during your safari. The 35 min tram ride takes you across 7 geographic zones of the world. The popular leopard series features the largest collection of wildlife to South East Asia. Stroll in to two giant aviaries to enjoy the performance of creature during night safari by exploring Jungle Park and enjoy the tribal performances.

A visitor wondering in Singapore often wants something adventurous & exciting, it will surely make your nights extremely amazing. An adventurous trip under the clear and never ending sky to enjoy the different sounds of the animals. Silence, activities & safari ride make the forest more live than the day. Here animals would be seen playing in the burning heat of the day that allows you to take a close view of the wildlife. . Visitors will enjoy the dancing of the night creatures and it will be worth to watch the best trained animals. Here every one can see the Asian Elephants, Asian Lions, fishing cats, Malayan tigers and clouded leopards along with 130 species and 2500 resident animals.


  • Leopard Trails: Visitors on Leopard trails feels marvellous at beauty of the leopards in glass fronted exhibits that come close to Malayan flying foxes & giant flying squirrels.
  • Unique dining experience: - Night Safari Dining adventure is the 1st and amazing experience the fine dining with night creatures. Opportunity to have mock tails, free flow beverages including wine and beer.
  • Mingle with animals: this tour is an adventure tour with best opportunities to mingle with Leopards, white tigers, Gir lions, proboscis monkeys and many other night creatures.

Things to do:

  • Different animals moving
  • Lion's performance at splash safari
  • Private VIP Buggy tour
  • A type of wild life
  • Meet the different species of animals
  • Plenty of dining arrangements to enjoy the delicious cuisine.
  • Throughout night playing with night creatures
  • Timing: 7:30 PM - 12:00 AM

NOTE: Tickets for the safari will be available until 11:15 PM

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