Singapore River Safari

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River Safari Singapore is the best adventurous outdoor activity at man-made themed wild life park that gives a chance to come close to many wild animals. It is located between Singapore Zoo & night safari and its uniqueness and fun can't be seen anywhere, gives experience of wild life. It's an experience to see world's iconic rivers, manatees, monkeys, piranhas & also pandas. It's the newest wildlife park has over 5000 animals of 40 species.

The park has features of rarely found 8 rivers, is divided into three main parts to go to the adventurous world and giant panda forest. Paddle fish, Mekong fish & more to explore at this calm and soothing atmosphere of the park. This river has a themed zoo and an aquarium located in Singapore managed by Wild life Reserves Singapore, boating at Amazon River gives immersive experience to learn about animals and river talk presentation. An unforgettable adventure at world's most iconic rivers.


  • Flamingo Lake: one of the famous attraction where spotted animals are found, Panda with rust coloured fur and face like a fox.
  • Boating: Park features a 15 min boat ride at Amazon River quest with safari cruise travels and each cruise take 50 passengers. This ride is to meet largest tropical rainforest such as jaguar & manned wolf.
  • Dine during Safari: To dine at the Mama Panda Kitchen with cute panda themed bites such as popular panda Pav & cappuccino with panda coffee art.
  • Boating: Glide along the river on a wooden open deck boat, an exotic wildlife on a river through a mangroves.

Things to do:

  • A ride over the rarely found 8 rivers of the world.
  • Watch the activities of the Pandas.
  • River themed as zoo & aquarium.
  • Enjoy boating & Horse riding
  • Opportunity to visit river themed wildlife park.
  • Opening hours: - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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